About Gazes LLC

A History of
Serving Business

The firm of Gazes LLC was formed in May 1988, under the direction of Ian J. Gazes, a practicing attorney since 1979.  The Firm concentrates in the Bankruptcy arena including the prosecution of avoidance actions for post confirmation liquidating trusts such as PSINet, Inc., U.S. Office Products, Iridium, and Alliance Entertainment.  In addition, Ian J. Gazes is a panel Trustee for both the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York.

The Firm provides clients with highly personalized, quality service in a cost-effective manner and does represent liquidating trusts on a contingency fee basis.


Gazes has been a panel trustee for the Office of the United States Trustee, Region 2, a branch of the United States Department of Justice, since 1991. Gazes has been appointed in thousands of cases and as a chapter 11 or 7 trustee in industries including without limitation, automobile leasing, Autotech Leasing, banking, American Bank & Trust, securities, WJB Capital, real estate, 919 Prospect Avenue LLC, retail, Fortunoff, electrical contracting, Michael Mazzeo Electric Corp., energy, Enron, etc. Gazes also serves as a receiver in Securities and Exchange fraud cases, Amerindo Advsiors. The breath and scope of the multiple years of trustee experience has provided Gazes with a unique intuitive capability and an undeniable ability to advise, mediate and recover more dividends to interested parties. Gazes serves a mediator for colleagues and is a panel member of the Southern District of New York mediator group.


Gazes LLC was founded by Ian J. Gazes, who has been practicing bankruptcy law since 1979. The firm has had extensive experience in numerous “mega” cases serving primarily as post confirmation trustee’s counsel. In that capacity Gazes has represented Trustee’s in notable cases such as Bethlehem Steel, Alamo Rent a Car, PSI.Net, Alliance Entertainment, Iridium, and Horsehead. Gazes was the first firm to file cluster avoidance claims in the Southern District of New York and has prosecuted over 20,000 avoidance actions against defendants worldwide. Gazes uncanny ability to reach compromise without sacrifice is evidenced by his track record of proximate 5 trials of those 20,000 plus actions. Ian Gazes has been qualified as a preference expert preference expert by the Bankruptcy Court in the Western District of Virginia. In addition, Gazes has been retained in thousands of cases representing chapter 7 and 11 trustees and his advisory ability is unmatched.


Gazes’ vast experience in all types and phases of a business life renders him uniquely qualified to provide consulting and advisory work for clients. Gazes knows how to manage client expectations and can provide the expertise with an appropriate team of forensic professionals at every business cycle. Business enterprises morph as years pass and Gazes is the party who can analyze and project future business development to meet those challenges.